3 Simple Ways You Can Do to Reclaim Your YouTube Subscribers Attention

 Convincing people to hit the subscribe button on your YouTube channel is not as easy as falling off a log. You need to promote your channel on other platforms, embed YouTube’s Subscribe button on your website, generate ads, and many more. 

After all those efforts, you still get another task; managing all your subscribers to stick around. This task is challenging since YouTube is competitive. People tend to move to other channels and forget yours if you fail to capture their attention continuously. 

For that reason, reclaiming your subscribers’ attention is no longer an option but a necessity before you lose your viewers. How can you do that? This article will guide you. 

Without further delay, let’s jump right into it!

#1. Create Playlist to Entice Viewers

You have had an engaging title with relevant tags and description, but your video doesn’t get recognition from your existing subscribers or a new audience? Your effort to promote the content on other social media platforms doesn’t give significant improvement.

Well, there is a powerful method that you may miss. Have you created YouTube playlists on your channel? It is an underutilized approach yet powerful enough to optimize your video’s exposure.  

Playlists can encourage viewers to stay longer in your channel and watch multiple videos in a row. It is a natural habit that most people have when they watch videos on YouTube. 

At first, they intend to watch a video, but they end up viewing more and more videos after discovering exciting content on the playlist. Yes, a playlist is like a magnet to make people stay at your channel. Without it, they may only watch one video and leave. 

Bigger chance of exposure also comes from YouTube search results that showcase videos and playlists. Did you know? People tend to click on the playlists then go to a single video. Why? 

They expect the playlist to have curated videos with specific topics that are relevant to the keywords they type. 

More importantly, playlists will help you to navigate viewers to discover relevant videos on your channel. Think playlists as shelves, and your channel is a store. If you categorize each topic in one shelf, people will easily spot it. 

If you aren’t yet familiar with making YouTube playlists, we have prepared handy steps to follow: 

  • Navigate to your YouTube profile.

  • Choose Video Manager

  • Click on Playlists and select New Playlist

  • Type short and relevant title, then click Create

#2. Use Evocative Thumbnails 

First thing first, YouTube is a visual platform. Before reading a video title, people will judge your content based on the thumbnail. If you fail to impress viewers with a thumbnail, don’t expect them to engage with your video. 

Let’s say you look for a video tutorial on YouTube. The result page will serve many videos. Now, you can ask yourself. What is your main reason for clicking a particular video? It must be the thumbnail, right? Your audience also poses the same pattern, and a study has proven it. 

It claimed that 90% of popular YouTube videos had custom thumbnails. The still image literally becomes a significant deciding factor for viewers and you only get 8 seconds of attention span from the audience.

Now, you can look at your video thumbnails. Is it compelling to capture people’s attention and powerful enough to compete with other videos on the same subject? A click-worthy thumbnail typically has these qualities: 

  • Have a 1280 x 720 resolution

  • Accurately portray the video

  • Display the video’s main act

  • Using graphics

Still wondering how to create a catchy and clickable thumbnail? Check out the quick tips below:


  • Embrace high-contrast images or bright colours to make your thumbnails noticeable. 

  • Establish your channel’s branding by crafting a consistent layout and colour. 

  • Avoid combining white, black, and red as your thumbnail’s template because it can’t make your videos stand out. 

  • Add short text but not the title of your video; it can be a phrase that summarizes your video. 

  • Make sure your thumbnail is well-spotted on all devices, including desktop and mobile phones. 

#3. Keep in Touch with Your Audience with Community Post

Stay on your subscriber’s radar if you want to reclaim their attention. Yet, it is not necessarily through video content that you post regularly. You can interact with them using Community Posts. 

This feature allows creators with over 500 subscribers to stay connected with viewers outside of video content. Community posts include GIFs, images, text, and polls.

The post will be visible on subscribers’ home pages. For those who choose to turn on notifications from your channel, they will occasionally get notified when you make a community post. 

To make your first Community post:

  • You have to Sign in to YouTube

  • Hit the Create button at the top of the page.

  • Click Create Post

  • Choose a content type that you are going to publish. 

  • When you are done, click Post.

Quick Recap

Reclaiming YouTube subscribers’ attention is challenging, but it is not an impossible mission. You can start it by creating a playlist to boost exposure for every single video on your channel. 

In addition to that, you can utilize an evocative thumbnail. Just as importantly, optimize all features from YouTube, including Community posts. It will help you to stay connected to your viewers.

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