5 Best Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Website


Whether it’s the Boomers II or Gen X, Y, Z  social media has become an inevitable and overriding dais for the people to socialize. However, who knew these social media platforms would turn into major social commerce and UGC networks. From all the social media platforms, Instagram stands out of all being highly popular among the youth. This has attracted brands a lot to expand their networks and schmooze their targeted audiences.


That is why marketers are using marketing strategies to embed Instagram feed on their websites to accelerate the everlasting relationship between the customer and the brands.


Here are the 5 best tools to embed Instagram feed on the website.

1.   Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is an innovative social media aggregating tool that helps to collect content from not only 1 or 2 but 15 social media platforms. It customizes, moderates, and publishes Instagram content without any chivvy.


With a pool of diverse widgets compatible with any digital channel, Taggbox Widget can be termed as bee’s knees.


Following are the different elements that Taggbox Widget offers:-

     Social feeds widgets

     Hashtag campaigns

     Email campaigns

     UGC galleries

     User reviews widget

     Social stories


2.   Tagembed

One of the best social media aggregators to garner, curate, and moderate appealing social media content to display on the websites.


With just 4 easy steps using Tagembed, you can easily upsurge the traffic, engagement, revenue and boost the growth and website performance.

     Collect Content

     Curate and Manage

     Customize Campaign

     Embed Instagram feed on website


It not only helps in collecting real-time feeds from various social media platforms but is also highly compatible with many website-building platforms like WordPress, HTML, etc.

Whether it’s the UGC or any other social media feed/content, widgets are designed to be quick, responsive to give an effortless user experience.

3.   Instagram Feed Wd

Instagram feed wd plugin allows displaying many public Instagram as well as hashtags on WordPress website.

Coming with anomalous custom styling and layouts, masonry and blog style being the most unique of all, these features one can’t find in any other Instagram-related plugins.


It also comes with different themes which provide a large number of customizations. Not only this, one can choose to redirect images to their Instagram or simply open them in the lightbox.

This lightbox has all the features that fit well on the website and bring an end to all the editing needs.


Here are some of the features:-

     Close buttons

     Navigation buttons

     Control buttons


     Image formation



With an advanced and feature-rich tool to vitrine popular Instagram feeds on websites, no wonder this tool works like a life savior. 

4.    SnapWidget

It’s a simple tool that allows you to embed Instagram feed on websites or blogs. It’s a simple tool that alleviates well-heeled customization, slideshow, set up, the embedding of feed in the grind.


Not only this, but it also renders an easy-to-apply tool to the user with an HTML code to upload on the feed to the website.


5.  Instush

An attractive tool that allows users to create wallpapers via Instagram pictures. This is an uncommon tool that helps to gather pictures from a specific Instagram account, like pictures and even via hashtags.


To help you in presenting your Instagram gallery in a more alluring way and to gain more visitors to your website, this tool has many other features too.

Some of them are as follows:-

     Layout designs

     Image crop feature

     Variety of effects and filters.


With a crazy army of a total of 1.3 billion active users, Instagram has been one of the most desired platforms. Not only users but also the brands have been knock-dead by its popularity.

By embedding Instagram feeds and pictures on the website, brands get an easy way out to sprout their networks and amplify their promotions like never before.

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