5 Great Hand Dryers For The Home




Using a hand dryer as compared to paper towel or cloth is much more effective. They lessen the cost of tissues and even keep the surrounding clean and hygienic.


 The dryers can be manual or automatic and you can prefer any of them as per your convenience. This electric machine is used to dry your hands whenever you wash them.


What if there are no paper towels or clean cloth to wipe hands near the basin? The dry hands may catch germs and dirt and stick them to your wet hand, so you need to dry them after every wash.


Rather than installing a dustbin, a paper towel dispenser or hanging a cloth, you can simply install a hand dryer and use it whenever needed. It saves your time and dries the hand more quickly.






Hand Dryers for Home



People nowadays prefer to install hand dryers at home to maintain better cleanliness in the bathroom.


When you are at home you should wash hands frequently and especially before eating something. When you install it at home you save the expenses of paper towel and tissues as you can simply dry your hands with the Hand Dryer Machine installed there. 


There are a list of companies that provide you with a range of hand dryers. Here are some most popular hand dryers for home that are just perfect.


1. Dolphy Automatic Hand Dryer

Dolphy is the topmost hand dryer brand and it provides a wide collection of hand dryers to the users.


You will get a jet hand, V blade, manual and automatic dryers from which you can choose the relevant one for your washroom. These ultra quiet hand dryers give you the best experience.


As they are automatic you don’t need to touch them for use. Whenever you want to use it, the only thing you need to do is to put your hands under it and get it dry in just seconds.


 The sensor starts working as soon as it detects the hand and the machine starts blowing warm air that dries the hand quickly.


Why to Get it?

     It is fully automatic and touch-free.

     It restricts the spread of germs and bacteria.

     It is quick and easy to access.


2. Askon Hand Dryer

Askon has a list of hand dryers. From manually operated hand dryers to jet hand dryers, it has everything. It is durable, strong and built for long-lasting life.


They are high-quality hand dryers which promotes a healthy and safe environment that is a must in public places. They are made with advanced features to save your time and energy.


Installing it at home maintains the surroundings and even helps you build a great impression whenever someone visits your home.


It will make your interior look best. You can get the one made of stainless steel or the model which is made of ABS plastic, they are totally hygienic and cost effective for drying hands.


Why to Get it?

     It is a low noise device.

     It is made of smart technology for fast hand drying.

     It is wall-mounted and saves space in the bathroom. 

 3. Dryflow Hand Dryer

Dryflow is also one of the leading hand dryers brands with many options. It hardly takes 10-15 seconds to dry your hands.


The hand dryers include an intelligent heating system and are perfectly suitable for high traffic areas. The hot air from the blower does not affect the temperature of the washroom and it remains the same. 


You get one of the most stylish and energy saving hand dryers from Dryflow. They have LED lights at the sides which makes them look even more interesting. You can definitely choose it for home as it is perfectly stylish for your place.


Why to Get it?

     It restricts the spread of germs and bacteria.

     It is an antibacterial device with low noise.

     It provides you a clean and tidy surrounding.

4. Dyson Hand Dryer 

Another one in the list is Dyson hand dryer. This airblade hand dryer increases the beauty of the place. It makes your washroom look clean and tidy by giving it a gleaming appearance.


 You won’t be required to find a place to keep the dustbin and tissue dispenser box. The only thing will be a hand dryer stuck on the wall which will save the space in the bathroom.


If we go through the varieties of hand dryers then there are many. You will get an automatic jet hand dryer, manual hand dryer, V-blade hand dryer and many more.


You should consider the speed, maintenance and features of the machine before you opt for it so that you can choose the best one.


Why to Get it?

     It is completely convenient and easy to use.

     It saves your time and restricts the spread of disease.

     It is available in different models and a variety of color options.  

5. Xlerator Hand Dryer

Xlerator is popular for its cost-effective, hygienic and sustainable hand dryer which reduces the expenses of paper towels, wastage, labor and maintenance.


Either you want to install it at your home or want it for your office. This one always remains the best choice. They are available in smallmany different sizes from which you can choose the favourable one for your washroom.  


This touch free hand dryer has a pretty and graceful design that matches well with any type of interior.


You just need to screw them at the right height so that everyone can easily use it. This will keep your bathroom clean all day long and you won’t be required to harsh clean it.


Why to Get it?

     It is the most convenient machine.

     It has the best design.

     It can be easily maintained.


All these are some of the most eligible options for hand dryers which you can choose for the home. You can get a hand dryer online or can get it from offline stores whichever is more easy for you.


You get all the accessories such as screws and stand along the dryer so you don’t need to search for it anywhere else. Be ready to install it on the wall and you are done. 


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