Best Youtube Widgets For Websites | 2022


Youtube is not restricted to just entertainment purposes now. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms to promote brands and their services, YouTube too has managed to make a stand on this list.


Nowadays, many brands and associations are actively taking interest in using this platform for promotions. The best thing for users is that it is free of cost, thereby inviting maximum engagement and traffic.


After Google, Youtube stands at the second position of the highest search engines in the world. Just imagine how beautifully you can grow your website if you can bring the youtube audience to your website too!


This is possible by embedding youtube videos and content on your website. Wondering how? Then don’t worry. This blog will guide you through it.


It will cover some of the best youtube widget for websites. To know more about it, keep reading.


Here’s the list of Best Youtube Widget For Websites:

1.   Taggbox Widget

If you’re looking for a smart tool that is highly responsive and lets you seamlessly embed youtube content on your website, then this is a good option to choose from.


You can easily create your youtube channel widget by simply entering the channel URL. The best thing is that you can design and customize the widget as per your need. Isn’t it amazing?


It offers a moderation panel too. To provide premium content to your audience, you can remove irrelevant and inappropriate words using a profanity filter.


Without any technical expertise, you can embed the youtube content on the website hassle-free. Just copy the generated code and embed it on the backend of your website where you wish to embed your youtube content.

2.   Tagembed

This is an advanced tool that helps in embedding your youtube channel content on the website in a trouble-free manner.


The highlighting element of this tool is that it offers an in-built analytics feature. You can easily monitor the performance of the Tagembed Youtube Channel Widget on your website.


It provides a variety of theme catalogs, designs, layouts, fonts, and colors. You can use them and make your embedded youtube channel look as attractive as you want.

3.   Juicer

The best thing about this tool is that you can even customize your embedded code and profile URL too.


If you’re a beginner then this tool would be of great help.  It is very easy to use and does not require difficult coding processes. Just by simple 3 steps, you can easily embed your youtube channel content on the website.


Simply choose the content or channel to be embedded. Copy and paste it on the website where you want to embed it. And voila, you’re done!


It also offers common features like customization of the wall, content aggregation, moderation, and last but not the least, analytics feature to monitor the performance.


4.   Stackla

Stackla provides a range of dynamic UGC widgets, for instance Youtube widgets.


It offers content-rich galleries that can be easily accessed on mobiles and that too with just a single click.


It also has built-in tools that give users a way to style the designs as per their choices.

Not only this, the users can choose to customize their widget from a range of out-of-the-box styles.



This tool makes it easy to embed social media feeds on the website or anywhere else as per your choice.


You can choose a variety of templates and even customize the design that aligns well with your brand’s identity.


To offer the best quality of content to the audience, it also offers a moderation panel wherein you have the sole control of moderating the content.


A great feature that it has is the call to action button. You can connect your visitors to the product page or sign up directly through this.

6.   Woxo

It’s a very basic tool that lets you embed your youtube channel content on the website with just 3 simple steps. The best thing is that it is coding-free.


With their cutting-edge design, you can create an impressive website that will help in shooting up the engagement on your website.


To improve online marketing and boost up your youtube followers, you can re-use your daily communications and turn them into powerful attractive visuals.

7.   Social Feed By

Isn’t it a great help that a tool can show all your youtube channel contents or videos by combining them in one single gallery on your website?

Well, this tool does it for you. 


It offers a variety of features and advanced customization options like eye-catching over effects, flexible layouts, automatic image cropping, content moderation filter, social sharing, and much more.


Let’s Wind It Up!

By now you must have understood the importance and benefits of embedding Youtube channel content on your website.


 If you have not embedded it yet, you have many options to embed it on your website. This blog served you with some of the best youtube widget for websites.


So what are you waiting for? Go quickly, use them and help increase your reach and user attraction.


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