Can You Check Credit Score Free with PAN Card?


It is now easy to check and update your credit score with the help of your PAN card number. This has seen a huge increase in the number of credit score checks. It is because a simple PAN number credit score check is easy and convenient for everyone. Credit checking is an essential aspect of financial hygiene. Seeing your credit report can help you visualize your overall financial health and help you prioritize payments if your income is fluctuating. Hopefully, you are aware of all the credit accounts that you are having in the present. A credit score takes into account all of these credit-related activities. It includes the payments, credit accounts, overdue, and credit mix. All of these together give you an Experian credit score. A credit score is good when an individual handles finance in the best way without any hindrance. When credit irregularities happen, the credit report is not an impressive one. The loan providers usually rely on the credit report to decide on denial or acceptance of a loan application. It is very important to get hold of your credit score and credit report. You can now quickly visit any of the non-banking financial institutions’ websites and do a credit score check free onlineand get your report with the help of your PAN card number.


What is a credit report?


A credit report is a detailed statement that has all the financial details and activities of an individual from the very beginning of the financial journey. It takes into account all the credit accounts, payment, credit default, track record, credit mix, and hard enquiries. This report gives a score and that is known as a credit score. A loan provider based on the performance of a credit report justifies the loan application to an approval or a denial.


Why use a PAN card for a credit score check?


PAN card is linked to all the financial accounts, personal information, and details of an individual. With the help of a PAN card number, all the credit details can easily be fetched. Modern technology does not need too much documentation. You can simply enter your PAN card number and they get all your financial history and details about you. PAN card check has helped many, as it is an easy and instant process to instantly enter and check your credit score without any delay.


How to check your credit score with a PAN card?


     Visit the website of Clix Capital.

     You need to locate the credit score page

     Once you get it, you need to find the option that says check my credit score.

     Click on it, they will ask for your name, contact number, and PAN number.

     Enter all the detail and submit

     You will get an OTP on the registered mobile number that you have entered. Enter the OTP and click on accept

     You will get your credit score instantly on the screen


How often should you check your credit report?


A credit report is a very important aspect when it comes to financial services. One should check his credit report every 3-6 months once. In a credit report, the changes usually take the time or the new addition of details also takes time. It is good to check your report once every 3 months. This will keep you updated and posted about where your credit health stands. If you find a bad credit report or a low score, you can easily make the improvement.Apply For home improvement loans.


Why check your credit score?


     To detect errors: A credit report check will clear all your doubts regarding a low score. If you have a low score even after keeping well with finances, something is wrong. It can be because of some errors that are there in your report. When you check your report you will find all the errors small or big in your credit report. If you find any, you can immediately report them.

     Make changes within time: If you regularly check your report you can report the errors on time. Don’t expect the changes to reflect overnight. It will take a lot of time. So, when you check reports and make changes, you will find it easy and have enough time to improve your score by the time you need a loan in the future.

     Improve score: If you regularly check your report, you will understand where you are losing out on. The areas that are responsible for a low score can be improved. You can work on improving your score so that you can keep away from yourself. It will be easy for you to improve your score within time and open your financial opportunities.


Finishing up

It is very important to conduct a credit score check free online regularly so that you are able to get your Experian credit score. It will help you detect errors and possible improvements and stay credit-ready.


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