Fun Items to Buy with Etsy’s Discount Code


We love products and items that add a little humor, a little life to our monotonous daily routines. But sadly, the majority of stores either offer useless fun items or boring useful ones. Gadgets and tools that bring entertainment while proving themselves to be productive are a rare find. Luckily, that’s not the case with Etsy.


Among the top craft provider companies is the loved-by-all Etsy. The e-store never fails to surprise us with its colossal collection of handy, handmade personalized items and futuristic nifty ones. With Etsy discount code you can get your hands on the astounding blend of vintage crafts and customized supplies.


To make your shopping experience convivial, we have come up with top picks from Etsy. From highly recommended ones to the wittiest ones. These items make for amazing gifts for friends and family. And with Etsy’s discount code, you can buy a bunch of them.


Initial Embossed Phone Cases

Topping our list are the shock-resistant phone cases at Etsy. What makes these cases special is not their durable material but excelling quality embossing. Usually, after an embossment, the material gets worn out from the embossed area. However, that’s not the case with Etsy’s cases.


You can get your initials customized just like the famous supermodels, Hailey Bieber and her best friend Kendall Jenner has, in remarkable quality. Choose the case material, from leather, silicone, hard plastic, and get a sleek customized case in a quick span.  


No peeling and rough texture will ruin your case look. At Etsy, all cases remain smooth. Regardless, of the material. Our favorite is the CaseGenie leather cases. Available in a vibrant, solid-colored range. Get matching ones for yourself and your best friend with Etsy’s discount code.  


Hanging Fruit and Vegies Hammock

The idea of keeping fruits and veggies in a basket is primitive and outdated. With the ever-changing designs, Etsy has come up with a vintage yet productively fun item, a fruit hammock. That keeps your fruits from getting rotten and veggies stay fresh.


The hammock comes with a hanging rod that can be nailed under the shelf or adjacent to the kitchen window. Available in two different sizes 17-19 and 13-15 inches with 12 colors. Cactus and Dusty rose to be the top sellers. These handmade hammocks are a cute addition to your kitchen.


Other than veggies and fruits, you can use these boho hangings for other storage purposes. To keep your kid’s toys to keep a stack of sheets. These hammocks at Etsy are spacious and hold sufficient weight to keep your place decluttered and clean.


Beverage Holder Bags

The embarrassing drink spillage moment has occurred to almost all of us. Especially, we girls love to carry our phones, and a few belongings in our hands at all times. With no space to hold a drink, the spattering is inevitable. Only if there was a chic bottle holder to save us.

Well, say no more as Etsy has the cutest yet oh-so-useful drink holders. That also makes a chic shoulder bag. A portable canvas cup holder is a lifesaver. No spillage over your pretty Tee or under your designer tote bag. Your beverage is safe in these cup-shaped, small, durable bad holders.


These cup bags come in ten stunning color shades, named after frequently consumed beverages. If you’re a coffeeholic, you will love the Espresso black and Coffee bean brown ones. You can order the cherry blossom for your Starbucks’ pink drink. With Etsy’s discount code, order a set of two for the price of one.


Infinity Velvet Cushions

Do you also have a special love for certain symbols? We, being Murakami fans have an eternal soft spot for the infinity symbol and everything that has a hint of it. Etsy has given us more reasons to qualify it as our utmost store, with its infinity-knotted velvet cushions.


With all-praise reviews and five-star ratings, these knot cushions are customers’ favorite. The soft, silk textured velvet is blended with polyester for this beautiful creation. The cushions are hand-made with a length of 18inches. And the range of colors makes them even more exuberant. Dusty pink and olive green are the most adored ones.


The polyester-filled in these infinity cushions s hypoallergenic, making them safe for everyone. They add color, and a very lustrous vibe wherever placed. And with Etsy’s discount code, you can order the accent chairs to place them on.


Ceramic Ring Dish

We love our jewels visible and de-cluttered at all times. Not only it makes them easy to access but keeps our jewels from getting mixed and tangled. Boxes and organizers are sure out of fashion. But a ceramic ring dish is aesthetically beautiful and compliments the overlook of your vanity table.


Etsy has a ceramic dish for your rings, which is not only for your finger wear but also has trees shaped on it to hold your necklaces and chains. The 13cm piece is handmade and the white dish with small green trees can be customized as well.


You can get your engagement date written or anything else for gifting purposes to add sentimental value. With Etsy’s discount code, you might as well buy the glass jewelry stand with holes to keep your hoops and earrings organized while keeping your chains separated.


We love the creative, fun gifts Etsy has. And we hope this article helps you find the one you’ve been looking for! Happy Shopping!


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