Global SEO or Local SEO: Which is Best for Your Business?


Don’t know whether to adopt global SEO or local SEO services for your business? It’s a tough choice to make when you have an excellent product or service, and you want it to reach as many people as possible.


Apart from serving the local customers, making it available to those who stay outside your locality may sound like a good idea. But it is crucial to find out who are the main customers and where they are located.


If local customers account for most of the sales, you should use local SEO promotion services for your business. International SEO is good if most of the sales come from overseas customers. In this post, we discuss both in detail.


Global SEO

Global SEO, also known as international SEO, is optimizing content and digital marketing strategies for the entire world. It involves using keywords and phrases for global searches and targeting traffic from all over the world.


What businesses should use global SEO strategies?

Global SEO is perfect for those companies that have a global target audience. Businesses that are not tied to the local community can also consider using global SEO strategies as it will enable them to reach out to a large number of customers.


The list of the businesses that should use global SEO strategies includes:

       Multinational companies

       Export and import companies

       Businesses in the travel or hospitality sector

       E-commerce businesses that target international customers

       Magazines and publications targeting foreign readers (example: A French magazine publisher in the U.K.)

       Businesses dealing with novelty products or rare items


Strategies to Boost Global SEO

The businesses that look to optimize their website and content for an international audience can adopt the following strategies:


Keyword research: A robust global SEO strategy starts by performing thorough keyword research to optimize content for a wide region. It helps find out the terms that the target audience and prospective customers are looking for. After spotting the keywords, use them to create content and perform on-page SEO.


Crafting content: After researching phrases and keywords for global search, creating content is the next crucial step in global SEO. The content should be such that it resonates with the target audience all over the globe. While creating content, ensure that audiences from all parts of the world can easily read and understand the text. Also, make it easier for Google bots to crawl and index high-quality content.


Focus on user experience: When it comes to the website, optimize it to provide an excellent user experience to visitors. Focus on load time to make sure that the website loads in less than three seconds. Internet users in many countries prefer mobile devices over computers for online shopping or surfing the web. Optimize the website for mobile devices and make it more mobile-friendly. Use responsive web design to make the website easy to navigate and appealing for users.


Build high-quality backlinks: High-quality backlinks give authority to your website and make it more trustworthy in the eyes of the target audience. Link the pages of internationally acclaimed websites and sources in the content.


Local SEO

Local SEO is a strategy that enables a business to rank high in local search results and be more visible to local customers. It is hyper-concentrated in its approach and aims to generate local traffic to a website and customers to a local store.


What businesses should use local SEO strategies?

Local SEO is suitable for businesses with a target audience in particular locations. A business that operates in a specific geographic location or has a brick-and-mortar store can benefit from local SEO. Some examples include:

       Local coffee shop


       Carpet cleaning

       Event planning

       Garbage disposal

       Home cleaning

       Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

       Lawn care


Local SEO strategies

Businesses whose mantra is ‘Think global and act local’ can apply the following strategies:


Local keyword research: The first step to optimizing local search is to research local keywords in detail. Find out the terms and phrases that potential customers or target audiences are searching for. Look for the most popular keywords and the level of competition. Use long-tail keywords to stay ahead of competitors. The qualifiers such as “in (area name), “near me,” or “close by” are useful.


Creation of localized content: While creating content, keep locality, region, and city in mind. Find out the local audience’s types of content likes and wants to read. Create the content on local news, events, or trends to build a rapport with them. Customize blog, landing pages, and web pages to give it a local touch. Businesses with multiple locations in a particular locality should create separate pages to provide more details on working hours and local information.


Build high-quality local backlinks: Consider linking some trustworthy and popular local websites. Also, reach out to renowned local bloggers and influencers to link the site and pages in their blogs and articles.


Optimization of Google My Business page: Optimizing and managing the Google My Business page is crucial in local SEO. Provide all the key information relating to your business and double-check to ensure the inputs are correct. Add attractive photos of your business location, office space, employees, and offerings. Provide the right contact information so that people can reach you. Enter the accurate working hours with clear opening and closing timings.


Managing listings: Apart from Google My Business, list your business’s name, address, and phone number in multiple directories and social media platforms. Leverage social networks to reach out to a large number of local customers. Focus on off-page SEO to build


Monitor and manage reviews: Request satisfied customers to write reviews and make it easier to do so. Apart from that, monitor the reviews on Google, social media profiles, company websites, as well as third-party websites such as Glassdoor, Amazon, and others.


All things considered,

Local SEO services are great for hyper-local businesses in nature and local target customers. Global SEO services are great for international businesses and have customers from across regions. If you don’t know which one to select for your digital marketing strategy, know the nature of your business and its customers. It will be easy to find out the right SEO strategy after that.

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