How to keep yourself safe on social media?


Social media has now become more than a necessity for people. It doesn’t matter what they do, they are all on social media for different reasons. Youngsters use social media platforms like Facebook because most of their friends use this channel, and they don’t want to be the odd men out. Similarly, if you want to grow your professional network, you cannot do without LinkedIn.

There are now more people on social media than ever before, and as these platforms are becoming busier, it’s also posing more problems to users. Everyday, we hear about someone becoming a victim of cybercrime. Therefore, it’s important that all social media users should be aware of the possible dangers of these virtual channels. At the same time, they should also be aware of all basic precautions to remain safe.

There is no doubt that social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very addictive, and most users spend a lot of time there. However, if you follow some basic tips of security, you can save yourself from many difficult situations. Here, we will discuss those important tips to stay secure on social media that also ensures your online safety.  After going through a whole lot of details about the most appropriate behaviour on social media, we have shortlisted these 5 social media security tips.

1:Check the privacy settings carefully

Usually, people share a lot of posts and information on social media channels. Have you ever thought about who can see what you are sharing on social media and did you ever check it ? Actually, once you post something on social media, it goes on the public domain and you have virtually no control over it. However, you must know that you cannot share everything on these channels.

For example, you should be aware that there may be some very personal photographs that you only want to share with your close friends or some other information that you do not want to share publicly. This is where you should use privacy settings to your advantage.

By going into settings, you can ensure who can see the post you’ve shared on social media and who can see your personal information like your mobile number and email ID. You can choose privacy settings such as Only Me, Friends, Friends of Friends and Public.

2. Never ever use third party apps


There are many applications, software, websites and forms that allow login through social media accounts. It is normal for anyone to have clicked the Login through Facebook account many times.  You must have done this many times and may not be even aware how many software and applications you have connected to your Facebook ID.

To control third party apps, you need to click on the apps and website option of Facebook settings.  Here you will come to know about all the apps and websites connected to your Facebook ID. In case you find any unsecured apps, just remove them.

3. Control your personal information

There are many people who virtually live on social media, and share almost everything like what they ate for dinner last night, what they wore in their best friend’s birthday party, and how they spent their weekend. They do not even think twice before making their personal information public.

You should avoid doing this, because there is no guarantee that your data will be safe on social media platforms. Always use social media keeping your personal safety in mind and share only that much information which does not harm you or create problems in the future.

4. Block Fake Accounts

Social media is full of cyberbullies who unnecessarily intrude into your personal space. Therefore, if someone harasses you on Facebook, or makes inappropriate comments, don’t take chances. Go ahead and block them. Make it a point to report such incidents to Facebook so that the company can take suitable action against such users. Avoid rogue and toxic people on social media. Most of such accounts on social channels that behave strangely and use abusive languages are fake.  You should have no business with such users.

Social media is full of people having hidden agendas. They often use popular social media channels to spread hatred and misinformation. There were many incidents in the last few years when platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp were used for spreading fake messages that resulted in lynching of innocent’s people. Who can forget the Saharanpur incident where a Police Inspector was killed in a lynching because of a viral WhatsAppmessage.

5. Report objectionable content

Many times we get to see such posts on Facebook which are not good in taste, and have been uploaded with ulterior motives. Unfortunately, most of us tend to ignore them often thinking why should we involve ourselves. That is not the right thinking since we can avoid a lot of wrongdoing by taking preemptive measures. Ideally, a responsible person should always report such content to allow channels to take appropriate actions.


On every social media channel, there are well established systems for reporting against toxic content, and users must take advantage of these facilities. Moreover, no social media platform wants bad publicity and are usually very prompt in taking action against such complaints. Therefore, once you report through the right channels, you can be certain that the concerned platform will remove that particular content.

This will be a great step not only on your part but also for the safety of other users like you on social media. You should never forget that social media is a virtual world that can never replace real life. You should always use it in moderation and avoid sharing your personal details. Moreover, your safety on social media lies within your hand. You should avoid doing things that reveal your personal information and details. The fact remains that there are no secure social media platforms that guarantee full proof security and the sooner you accept this fact the better for you.

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