How to improve the commission of SBI kiosk banking 2021-2022

How to improve the commission of SBI kiosk banking 2021-2022

In this article, I am going to give you tips and tricks by which you can increase the commission of SBI kiosk banking. You can earn a good income by following these tips and tricks. So, before talking about tips and tricks to improve the commission, we should know that what is kiosk banking and how can we earn commission by opening it. So, kiosk banking, also known as CSP or sbi mini branch is a digital booth that provides many services of a bank like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, account opening, passbook printing, loan services, insurance services, Aadhar seeding, pin generation, etc. It also provides some of the government schemes like Atal Pension Yojna, PMSBY, PMJJY, etc. These all are the main services provided by SBI kiosk banking. By providing each service you will get a small commission from it. Like for every money transaction, you will get 0.4%, which means for every Rs.1 lakh, you will get Rs.400. So, every service has a fixed cut that you will get. This is how you can earn a commission by just opening an SBI kiosk banking.

Use CIF Transaction and Money Transfer


For earning more and more commissions, you should do CIF transactions. Many people avoid this because AEPS which means Aadhar enabled payment system has created some trouble for CIF transactions. By using an AEPS transaction, you will get no commission. It will keep all commission but by using CIF transaction, you can earn a good commission. You only need to enter the customer number and pick an individual account or SHG account for customer type and submit it. SHG account is a joint account. So, you can do a cash deposit or cash withdrawal after that and can earn a good commission. So, a CIF transaction is recommended for you to earn a good commission. You will need biometric authentication for that.


 If any customer doesn’t know his customer number, then, you have to use the money transfer service for that. In this service, money directly goes to that account. First, make sure that the other bank account in which money is going to transfer should also be an SBI account. You can also earn a good commission from this service. This is because the bank will charge 10% of the money that is going to deposit or withdraw and in this 10%, you will get 70% as your commission. The maximum amount that the bank will charge is RS.100. A bank will never charge more than Rs.100 for a money transfer. So, if you want to earn more commission, then, you have to do money transactions of Rs.10,000 more than one time. This process is unethical but this another way of earning more commission.  So, this is another trick to improve your commission. So, you can do a lot of money transfers and earn a good commission. Money transfer service is only valid for SBI accounts. So, first, make sure that both accounts are SBI account. If you do a money transfer between an SBI account and another bank’s account, then, the bank will charge money from it but you will not earn a single commission. So, keep these things in your mind. 


You can also use another trick to improve your commission. The trick is that when a customer comes for an account opening. Then, open his account and deposit a very little amount the first time, and then, again do the deposit full remaining amount. In this process, you will earn a commission on account opening and also for state bank kiosk money transactions which you will do for the second time. 


You can also improve the commission by increasing the average amount in the accounts of your bank. So, you can set a minimum amount of Rs.500 for every account in your bank. This will also help to improve your commission.


So, these are some tips and tricks to improve the commission of SBI kiosk banking.

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