Nine Helpful Ways Your Mobile App Is Good for Your Business


If you’re in business and you haven’t considered having a mobile app made for your company, you should consider it immediately. Having an app will not only increase the number of eyes on your business, but also increase the value of your brand overall. In fact, there are so many benefits to having a mobile app, it’s hard to count them all! Here are just nine helpful ways that your mobile app development company can be good for your business.


1) They Increase Brand Awareness

When people see your mobile app, they instantly know what your company does. This increases brand awareness in a non-invasive way. Other forms of advertising may be annoying to consumers, but when they see your mobile app pop up on their smartphone screen, it’s not intrusive at all. It’s actually helpful! The more apps you can get on your consumers’ smartphones, the more likely they are to remember you when it comes time to spend money.

 For example, let’s say a person is looking at a pair of boots online. He clicks on a photo and sees a pop-up ad for your shoe-selling app.


2) They Can Save You Money

According to Shopify, approximately 70% of sales occur on mobile devices. This means you’re missing out on valuable sales if your customers can’t find you via their smartphones or tablets. Make it easy to find and buy from your business by investing in a mobile app that offers a streamlined buying experience and helps your customers connect with your brand on a deeper level.

 Helping your customers find you is just one of many ways that a mobile app can save you money. In fact, 67% of ecommerce companies reported increased sales from their mobile app.


3) Apps Increase Conversions

Apps are great, but not all of them are designed to increase conversions. A mobile app should make it easier for people to do business with you. However, many apps fail miserably at doing so because they aren’t useful or easily accessible. If you want your app to be useful and practical, consider making sure it includes these features

 Increase Opportunities to Connect with Potential Customers: Apps are great because they put your business in front of more people. When someone has your app on their phone, that’s one more way to reach them, one more chance to connect with them, and one more reason why they should remember you.


4) They Engage Customers

The world is becoming increasingly on-the-go. People are turning to their smartphones and tablets to help them out in every aspect of their lives—whether it’s ordering food, banking or socializing. As a result, more people are spending time with apps than ever before.

 An app is an excellent way to engage customers. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your products or services, interact with customers and more. If you haven’t already invested in a mobile app, here are nine reasons why you should.

An app is also an effective tool to increase sales. Once people are aware of your business through social media marketing, they can find your product or service on their phone easily by downloading your app—and then immediately buying what they need right from there.


5) They Save Time

Everyone hates waiting in line. But thanks to mobile technology, customers can self-serve and spend less time at your business. Mobile apps make it easier to get customer service or order new products on demand. You can offer a branded app that gives customers behind-the-scenes access to exclusive content or features when they show up in person. By streamlining customer engagement, you’ll be able to serve them better and increase loyalty by giving them a unique experience tailored to their needs.


6) They Streamline Your Communication Processes

An app can make it easy to stay on top of your tasks, meeting notes, and action items. This will help you streamline your communications with team members, customers, vendors, partners, etc.

 Apps like Slack (which organizes messages, files, and conversations) can be used to help you keep track of everything without missing a beat. This way, you can stay focused on whatever tasks need your attention at any given time. Instead of spending time looking through email, you’ll have all of your communications in one organized location.


7) They Encourage Offline Conversions

Although mobile apps may seem like a useful tool to increase sales and revenue, it’s important to keep in mind that they don’t work as well for all businesses. If you do choose to create an app, it should ultimately drive your customers offline and encourage them to make real-world purchases. This is much more likely if you offer an incentive such as a coupon code or free shipping when users use your app.

 A simple way to encourage offline conversion is to offer a free gift or coupon when users check out using your app. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, consider offering a discount that’s good only when they visit in person. This can help drive traffic to your physical location and increase real-world conversions.


8) They Provide Better User Experience (UX)

Apps allow your business to show its personality and build a better connection with customers. Using apps, you can do things like send push notifications, enable in-app purchasing and give users instant access to your products or services. In fact, 80% of mobile app users say they feel brands are less personal when interacting through a mobile website rather than an app.

 Apps are designed to provide a unique experience that cannot be replicated on your website or social media. People expect good UX from their favorite apps, and if yours isn’t satisfying, they’ll quickly move onto your competitor’s. By focusing on UX and building an app that shows off your business in a positive light, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and get users excited about using your products and services.


9) They Let You Reach A Wider Audience

You can’t always meet your customers in person, but you should always try to engage with them on social media. People are spending more and more time online each day, and that means there’s an ever-expanding market for your business. Reach out to customers through your app by setting up accounts on all of their favorite social sites.


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