The fact to know as IAS aspirant that to get through the IAS examination:


preparation for the UPSC civil service exam. An incorrect choice can not only lead to a low mark in the exam but could also put you being pondering about your regret. In accordance with the new format which was introduced in 2020, students only have to choose one subject as opposed to two.


·         The First ever pioneer batch for undergraduate UPSC aspirants.

·         This is a one stop solution to IAS Exam preparation for 3 years where an aspirant can start from the very basic level. (Even NCERT)

·         The Course has a crystal-clear agenda for the entire 3 Years IAS Foundation Course of preparation which boosts the confidence of an aspirant.

·         The course can be handled along with the college studies – As the management and Teachers are quite helpful. 

·         There is a fair division of the preparation year on the basic of Basic – Advance – Revision.

We all know that prior to choosing a subject for a specific stream or path there are plenty of opportunities and challenges for the person who is applying!

The person who has chosen an area of study as an option subject, is he/she competent enough to manage the subject or retain it with ease, whether he/she can handle it as a challenge or is easy to learn.? It is all about the details, even though choosing an optional subject is not an easy task for the student.

The study of the Indian political system as well as the Indian legal system, in conjunction with the ever-changing contemporary legal issues is an essential element of general studies for non-law students as well as law students, too. 

the structure of the questions from the beginning in relation to the law optional exam has always been simple and concise. The aspirants have only to refer to one or two land mark cases along with relevant provisions (part of polity also) and the percentage of marks will be mathematical unlike history or geography which are vast, twisted, source base and highly technical/scientific, not earning comprehensible to the students.

The real-world examples of law students not having a great time in civil service exams are numerous and diverse as an example, the success of a medico who chose for law as an optional exam (Salona) during 2020 was very inspiring. 

It’s really difficult to handle both classes together, but now I’m able to handle my IAS preparation and college studies in the same time. He acknowledges the whole credit to EDEN IAS since on the first day. He was greeted with the most pleasant environment as well as guidance and support by the teachers as well as the management, making him feel happy that he landed at the perfect IAS institute to get your IAS Coaching in Delhi .

He has discussed with me the latest anthropologies for teaching methodology that were introduced in EDEN IAS that I’d be happy to discuss with you, and truthfully, it will make the preparations more streamlined and focused for IAS candidates.

  1. Students aren’t offered any study or study materials during their enrolment, instead they receive the study materials which includes the notes of teachers. We are all aware of how difficult it is when we’re trying to choose the most effective study materials to prepare ourselves and, in the process, we often impede our preparations. EDEN IAS has solved this problem and gives students most up-to-date and compact study materials which is the self-made notepads of faculty. As the classes are being taught, the study materials are given to the students.
  2. A workbook is provided to each student for every area that has questions, and plenty of space is available to answer the questions. When the faculty has finished an area and tells the style of writing answers to the questions on the topic, it is simple for students to record the answers to the questions. If the teacher asks students to write down the answers on their own, they are able to write them in the same notebook and be checked by teachers.



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