Tips and Tricks to Know if Your Car Needs an Oil Change


Your car is the one of the things that take a lot of effort and money to be in a fit shape. But if you forget to do the oil change or do the necessary maintenance, you can end up with even more expenses to begin with. This is why people talk about car maintenance as if it is a daily habit that they must practice consistently.

As for oil exchange, you can get into the engine once and see al the things that need a repair or a fix. Hence, oil exchanges can help you a lot in terms of maintenance. If you are not sure how many times you should do it, check this list out.

Engine Light and Oil Change Light

The first tip is to check the oil change light. It will light up whenever your car needs its oil exchanged. This is the most obvious answer to the problem however it is not always there for us. Meaning that it is not present in all cars or doesn’t fall into anyone’s concern.

But you should always check the oil change light before driving to know of possible lubrication. If the engine light illuminates, then that is just a warning sign. You immediately need to rush towards the engine because the lack of oil exchange has put the engine or other parts in danger.

Engine Noise

The other thing that you should take notice of is the engine noise. When you drive, you should always be wary of the noises coming out of your car. And for oil exchange, the basic indicator is the engine noise. What oil does is that it lubricates the engine to provide a seemingly clear and smooth run for the car. But when you hear rumbling sounds coming out of your car, it might be possible that the metal parts are roughing up against each other and slowly destroying the engine.

Dipstick Check

The most basic thing when it comes to an oil exchange is the use of a dipstick. You must do it at least once a month to avoid any mishap from happening unexpectedly. But what should you be looking for? Go to the engine and remove the dipstick. Clean it, put it back, and then remove it again. What do you see? Clear oil, a clean stick with no oil, or dark and dirty oil on the dipstick? The last two conditions clearly tell you to exchange the oil because oil will always be clear and translucent if it is working efficiently.

Smell the Car 

Another trick is to check for the smell inside the car. Does it smell the same as it usually does or is there a difference? Now, we are not talking about the potential mess of food and clothes in the car. Just a smell of oil or gas. Because if you smell gas or oil inside your car, then that is a clear indication that you need to schedule for a maintenance check at the proper places. They will help you out with the gas or oil leaks immediately. If you find this issue with the car, do not wait around as it can be flammable and very dangerous to drive around with.

Calculate Your Mileage

If you are a person who takes around the car a lot, you should be extremely cautious of the oil exchanges. After every month, you should calculate your mileage. Is it in accordance with what you usually drive every month or is it more? Because the excessive mileage can ruin the oil responsible for keeping the engine lubricated. It will turn it into a much darker shade filled with impurities and it will not perform the functions that it is supposed to be pulling off inside the car. Always calculate near the end of the month.

If you have a second-hand car that you just bought, then you should either ask the owner for the mileage. Or you can also check for the mileage sticker that is usually present on the car’s windscreen.


You must always keep the oil exchanges as frequent as possible. There are multiple factors that can ruin the car’s performance and oil is the main component in such a situation. The car runs smoothly when the oil is doing the work it is supposed to because it keeps the metal parts lubricated and smooth in their functions. If you feel like you cannot do it on your own, try out the Valvoline coupon oil change, it can get you a discount as well as a professional maintenance check that your car direly needs. You should also schedule maintenance checks for your car multiple times a year to ensure good performance.


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