Top 15 Powerful Topics Ideas for Content Writing


It’s not always easy to come up with ideas for content writing. You want to write about something that your readers will be interested in, but you also need to consider what you know well and how much time you have to do research. As a blogger, it’s important to me to be able to share my passions and expertise with my readers. I also want to be sure that the topics I write about are relevant and updated. Here, are some great topics that you can write about in your blog posts!

1. Trending Topics

The topics on this list may not always be applicable to all bloggers, but they are always good for sparking conversations online. They’re also great for showcasing topics that have been trending recently. Sometimes, trends can be very cyclical; however, other times, they may be related to events, like election seasons. Trends may not always work for everyone, but they’re often related to new developments in the world. These are some of the topics that I regularly write about on my blog.

2. Crime Stories

Crime stories are one of my favourite topics for writing because they often involve police work and investigation. They’re always important to understand, even if they aren’t as often discussed as new technology or ways to help your business.

3. Case Studies


This one is easy and can be used to add variety to your content. You can do a case study on a product or service, and write it to a particular audience that is interested in the topic. If you’re selling a new tool, create a case study on how to use the tool or share the pros and cons of buying it. If you’re writing about a business or how to grow it, write a case study on how it did that. This article suggests doing a product case study, to help showcase a product you’re trying to sell. It’s a great way to help people visualize the product before they decide to buy it or learn more.



You might think that this isn’t a topic idea because you’re not offering any solutions, but in fact, this is one of the best topics for creating content for your blog because you’re providing solutions. As a blogger, you’ll likely need to create tutorials at some point, and this gives you an opportunity to show your expertise, and tell your readers how you solved a problem or solved a problem in a way that’s useful to them.

5. Makeover Ideas


Did you see a picture of your best friend a few months ago and think she looked pretty sad? If so, she probably did. Makeover ideas are great topics for blogs and are written in such a way that readers will feel sorry for the featured blogger.


6. Blogging Tips


If you blog, then you have a lot to share about what you have learned through the process. Blogging is a growing field, and there are so many different topics that you can write about that you may have never considered before! Blogging topics can include how-tops, strategies for getting started, resources and advice, and more. What are some of the blogging tips you’ve learned over the years?


7. Weight loss


The topic of weight loss is quite broad and covers several sub-topics in the weight loss industry. You can write about changing your eating habits to be more healthful, overcoming disordered eating and mental health, or your personal weight loss story. You can also create a guide on eating healthy with the premise of eating healthier food and working out in an effort to gain weight.


8. Grooming


Grooming is a term that is used in many fields, but it can have the greatest impact on your readers if it relates to their daily lives. For example, men who are attending a conference can write about grooming to look good and make a lasting impression.


9. Life hacks


Life hacks are great topics to write about because they’re unique. For example, here’s a life hack that I came up with, which will change the way you store your towels.

10. Technology


This is a big one for blogging, as a lot of technology is just new and exciting, but you can still learn about it and provide tips and suggestions on how to use it effectively. Here are some topics that will help you.

·         iPhone technology

·         Connected TV technology

·         Safeguarding your online identity

·         Web video making

·         Becoming a social media ninja

You also need to be open and learn about the latest trends, which are available on the Internet.

11. Occasions and Festivals


One great topic for people-related content is going to be the season of the year. Many people can be inspired by the changing colours, smells, and the beginning of the year. Celebrate festivals and occasions that people are interested in, and always have a lot of fun with this.

12. Fun and Facts

Have you ever wondered what common phobias, health issues, odd behaviour, and weird symptoms might be signs of? Maybe you’ve seen some sort of television program or read an article about these disorders. Those were some great topics for you to write about. However, it’s also fun to share fun and intriguing facts that are not often talked about.

13. Learning and Growing

We are all growing and changing as we get older. Whether we are new to a career or a new mom, we’re constantly learning about our own unique experiences and how they relate to everyone else’s lives. Try researching some personal growth topics that relate to your life and use those ideas in your blog posts.


14. Funny Stories


I love humour. If you are a blogger, you probably write humorously (or at least you should). Laughter is good for us all, and even if you don’t always understand the joke, laughing will bring you joy. If you want to share some funny stories or family anecdotes, then be sure to use the following strategies to help your readers laugh with you!

Talk about daily struggles, funny conversations, and happy moments. It’s not all good, so keep the story real.

·         Share a funny quote or anecdote.

·         Tell an embarrassing story.

·         Show that you’re funny.

Be yourself and let your readers see you be funny. If you are worried about being “taken seriously,” then do something else that is funny and appropriate for your audience.


15. Mythology


I’ve talked about my obsession with Greek mythology and the stories behind the myths in my blog for years, so I’m very partial to this topic. A lot of the myths that I write about are based on real events that happened in the past. I also have written a lot about Greek gods and goddesses like Demeter and the Goddess of Agriculture. I’ve also written about Greek myths and myths in modern times. Mythology is an exciting topic and an enjoyable way to learn about the world and history. Mythology is something that I can go into for hours, and I always have so much to say when I start to think about it. I like to call it my happy place when it comes to content writing.


If you need inspiration for great content, check out some of these great ideas and thoughts on content writing and brainstorming! Remember, you don’t have to come up with the idea yourself; you just need to work with the topic and let your passion for it lead you in the right direction.

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