Top mascara packaging tips to increase the sales of your mascaras


Many people apply mascara daily to complete their makeover look. It is one of the most favorite items of people among all the cosmetics. Some females even only apply mascara to enhance their appearance. For mascara enthusiastic, it is impossible to complete makeup without it. Thus, it is a must-have item for most people. This quality makes these items to be in constant demand in markets. For such highly demanded items, it is necessary to have affordable and high-quality boxes. So manufacture mascara boxes at wholesale to get low cost production. Also, the product can attain the skies of success with good packaging. An intriguing and attractive box has more chances of getting the product off the rack. So wholesale packaging will meet the high demand and also increase the product value.

Manufacturing perfect boxes for mascara:

Mascara is one of the most common cosmetic products. Most mascaras have sleek and wonderful box packaging. These are designed attractively to add value to the product. The boxes can give an enchanting and artistic look to products. They not only protect delicate items but also makes them more appealing for the customers. A box with a pleasant appearance has more chance to get sold out quickly instead of a generic one.

The packaging needs to be updated according to the current trends to survive the competition. People will only buy the item if it offers the qualities they require. People are naturally drawn to colors and beauty. Therefore, a product should be in beautiful and convincing packaging. Here are some of the best ways to make mascara boxes wholesale that may increase the charm of business:


Mascara boxes can be made from different materials. It is necessary to consider the material for mascaras carefully. There are various options to make boxes like cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, etc. Cardboard is the most commonly used material. It is versatile and fits all sizes. When opting to make eco-friendly boxes, the most popular option is Kraft or corrugated boxes.

They are naturally degradable. These are durable, strong, and long-lasting. Therefore, select the material that best suits the preference of the product. It must protect the delicate items during transport and from external changes. Use quality material to add high value to your product’s packaging.


There are versatile types of mascara in different shapes and sizes. So the packaging must be suitable and perfectly fit the size and shape. Mascara may be longitudinal, in jar or palette. The packaging should be fitting for the item. Also, the mascara boxes should have an insert. The insert will give additional protection and safety to the items. These will keep the product in its place, thus protecting it from mishandling and shock.


The packaging size is extremely important in mascara boxes. There are numerous kinds of mascara, and each requires packaging that accommodates them properly. Make boxes that not only hold the product but also contain all its features. When deciding on the packaging size, always keep the items and box content under consideration. Therefore, the box size is according to the product’s specifications. Make perfect size and high-quality box for the consumers.


There are various ways to design mascara boxes.  Design is the overall look of the product that will determine the visual impact of the item. Thus, invest significant time and effort to design the custom boxes. One can make folding boxes for the mascara. Also, decide what type of folding box will best fit the mascara. There are tuck end boxes and pillow boxes to make for these.


The most profitable characteristic of printing is that it allows innovation at an economical rate. One can make mascara boxes wholesale attractively by using high-quality printing techniques. For this, select the color and theme of the boxes. Then develop a design or pattern for the packaging. One can print various decorative patterns and styles in various colors on the boxes. Also, it allows adding any detail or images to the boxes. There are numerous fonts and color schemes for adding content to packaging. A perfect color combination with an appealing design can improve the product.


Every product box requires a quality finishing to make it valuable. There are many lamination and coating options to make such luxurious boxes.  The most common and popular finishing is the glossy or matte coating. one can select what best suits the packaging according to the product.  Also, one advanced option for good finishing is Spot UV. These coatings will make the item look graceful and elegant.


In mascara boxes wholesale, one can add a window to give a sneak peek of the item. These will bring the value of boxes up and also increase customer satisfaction. Customers can look through a window to determine whether they need the product or not. Also, adding a handle will make the packaging convenient to hang in the shop or hold while moving. These add-ons will add charm to the boxes and compel the consumers to purchase the product.


One can make partition boxes for the mascara. These will be helpful as sellers can add other products with the mascara. For example, the manufacturer can add mascara of two types of colors. Another way to appeal to customers is to make a partition and add another eye cosmetic, such as eyeliner. These additional products will increase the sales as customers can buy in a group rather than individually.


Lastly, introduce featured packaging to increase business recognition in the industry. For example, make boxes that are suitable for major events or occasions. Such as launching new year boxes before the start of the year. This will increase sales as the customer can gift these to their loved ones.


In conclusion, one must consider many things to make the best mascara packaging. Attractive mascara boxes wholesale can increase the charm of business and bring up sales. For this, select appropriate material, size, design, coating, and other features to make perfect boxes.

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